moving forward.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated. I started posting multiple times, but I could never quite figure out what I wanted to say.

Life has been good lately. Really good. But I’ve realized these past few weeks that God has been healing me, when I didn’t even know I needed healing. That’s another subject for another time. I’m working through some things and processing and trying to figure out when/how to share it all.

Here is what’s been happening the past month or so:

  1. I posted a blog about my dream of opening a foster care closet as a way to support our community. A friend from church saw my blog post and shared it with another woman she knows that has a similar dream. Fast forward to today: we’ve met, talked, prayed, and are moving forward with this dream with a ministry we are calling the Village through a nonprofit in Baltimore City. MANY more details – and a video! – to come soon. For now, if you have any questions or you have any clothes or supplies you may want to donate, please let me know! God has been incredible with this. The timing, the connections, how fast it is happening.. it’s pretty amazing. I’m loving every second and can’t wait to see this dream come alive. This also leads me to..
  2. Starting my Stella and Dot business! The purpose of this business for now is to make some money that I can use toward the Village. I’ve had a pretty good start and people have been really supportive so far! It’s interesting selling jewelry.. not something I ever pictured, but it’s fun to do something different and to connect with women I have not talked with in a while. If you want to host an online or in person party, please contact me! The parties are laid back and fun and your friends get a chance to support something that I think is pretty great 🙂
  3. We watched my friends precious foster son for a week! It was our first taste of respite care (a great way to get involved if you do not feel you can be a foster parent at this time) and also our first time with a boy. It was a wonderful week and I fell in love with the age and the idea of being a boy mom. It made me desperately want a baby in our house as soon as he left but..
  4. My husband is starting a new job! I am not going to post specific details on here, but he will be transitioning to a new position so we were going to wait a little while before we officially went back on the call list for a new placement. However, it’s been a few weeks since we made that decision, things have calmed down a little, and…
  5. We are going back on the list tomorrow! The thought of a child not having a place to call home on Thanksgiving was seriously bringing us down, and we decided to go back on the list to just see if we get a call before then. We may not though, because we’ve been hearing that there just aren’t a lot of kids coming into care right now, which is a great thing! We have changed our minds AGAIN and are opening our house to a child between the ages 0 and 6. This is a big jump for us as we may be welcoming our first school age child into our home. I’m surprising myself these days because I didn’t think I would recover emotionally from our last placement this quickly. I thought I would need a younger placement in between.. but like I said, there has been healing lately and I know that God is giving us the tools and skills we need to be successful in this journey.
  6. I am working harder than ever to get healthy. There have been LOTS of ups and downs – which is why I don’t talk a lot about it on social media. I’m afraid to fail and to let people see it, but I’m forcing myself to get over that. I feel better than I have in a long time and I’m taking it one day at a time. The days are long but I have much more energy than I used to – which has made everything else in my life a lot easier.

Whew. I think that’s it. It’s been a crazy but amazing month. My favorite part by far has been the extra time I’ve gotten to spend with my husband. I couldn’t be doing any of the things I mentioned above without his love and support!

Thanks again for reading and being a part of this crazy life we live!




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