an update! 

I’m not ready for a full update, but here’s what’s goin’ on:

  • We got a placement! 12 days after we said goodbye to little love and only 6 days of being back on the call list. 
  • She is a year older than little love, almost exactly. This means she understands a LOT more, and is totally aware of the fact that she’s at a strangers house and that it’s not normal. 
  • She is sassy! And it cracks me up. She’s very kind and very talkative, but every now and then gives a little tude. Don’t we all. 
  • We don’t know how long she will be with us, but will get an update today. 
  • She came with very few things (opposite of little love). This means we get to go shopping! And also that we are willing to take clothing donations if we find out she will be staying. 
  • She is struggling with being here, and it’s heartbreaking.
  • I got a call around 2ish yesterday about her potentially coming to our home. At 4:00, I got a call saying it was definite. At 5:00, she was here. Fast.
  • I’m open to Facebook and blog name suggestions. I’m thinking sweet pea. After little love left I had multiple people tell me they hated that I called her that. Here’s the thing: I can’t call my foster children by their names or even their initial. I also refuse to say “my foster” over and over because they are so much more than that. If I’m going to share our story, I’m going to have to use cutesy code names. #sorrynotsorry 
  • I had a feeling we would get a call this week, but thought it would be for a baby boy! 

Please pray through this transition with us! It’s a big one now that I’m back at work & hubby is working new hours. 


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