Quick Update

Lots of people have been asking (because I have amazing friends and family), so I thought I would give an update. There’s not much to tell, so it’ll be short & sweet: 

Our new window passed inspection. Barely. Apparently if it was a week later, they would have failed us again because of some new law. Oh well. I’m over it (can’t you tell?)..

At the end of May, our home study paperwork was officially submitted and we were unofficially approved!! We were told that means that our paperwork will go through multiple supervisors before making it to the Home Finding Unit. Those are the people that call  when there is a need for a placement. They said it would be a week or so before this happened, and that the next person we would hear from is our new home worker. We were also told that we COULD be called for placement of a child if they were in desperate need for another home. 

Fast forward a week, and here comes my crazy. I emailed and was told to be patient, paperwork was processing. We did get our certificate in the mail though! Fast forward another week, I called and again was reassured that everything was going fine, and just to wait to hear. I am horrible with patience. Total opposite of my husband.  

Then, on June 16th.. We got an email saying our home was sent to the Home Finding Unit! And that we could get a call any time now. We haven’t heard from our worker, but I’m sure we will next week. It all feels very real now, and I couldn’t be more excited. 

My last day of work was Friday. SO many people have told me that God was waiting for me to be off for the summer, and they could be right! I’m going from working 60ish hours a week to working 4 hours a week. I honestly can’t remember the last time I didn’t do something full-time.. but I’m eager to become a full-time foster momma this summer. 

I know I keep talking about my excitement and I’m hoping it’s not taken the wrong way.. foster care starts from a very broken place. And I am not wishing this brokenness on any child or family. But the dark reality is that there are already families in this situation… and we can do something about it. I’m excited because I know God can use us, and that people will hear about Him through it all. 


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