Three blog posts in three days – crazy right?! At this point, I don’t know if anyone will feel like reading.. but we have had a day of good news after my post last night about the windows. Here’s what’s going on:

  • Our amazing friends and family have provided us with MULTIPLE people that would be willing to come look at the windows and see if they could help. We have at least five names, and I’ve already been in contact with one (shout out to my amazing sister in law) that is coming Saturday to check it out.
  • I called and spoke with the fire marshal and he told me we really only need to replace two of the windows. There only needs to be one window big enough for evacuation in each room, and we don’t need to worry about our room because we won’t have foster children sleeping there with us. We have one foster bedroom that has two windows – and it’ll be funny looking to have two different windows in one room – but who cares! We can worry about that when it is time to resell our house 😉
  • I am almost (but seriously – just almost) positive that actually extending the windows will be unnecessary. I’m thinking this based on research and lots of information people have given me in the last 24 hours, but I know I could still be wrong. We are hoping and praying we just need to replace and not extend!

See? So many blessings! With all that being said – we want to thank everyone that has helped inform us about window replacement, given us names or suggestions, and prayed for us in this process. Kind words and encouragement go such a long way – today was a much better day than yesterday.

I also wanted to apologize if my post last night came off the wrong way. I want to be clear: We are not looking for handouts and we don’t want you to feel bad for us. When I started blogging about our foster care journey, I promised myself that I would be as transparent and honest as possible. I wanted people to know what the process is like and I want them to eventually be able to read about the realities of foster care when we are licensed. My hope and prayer would be that people read our story, learn about the system, and feel inspired to get involved in some way (foster parenting is NOT the only way to get involved!). My post last night was an update – about what is going on and why we might take a little longer to start receiving placements. We knew that our amazing community would have information and recommendations. We also knew that people would be praying for us. THAT is what it’s about for us – the love and support. The feeling that we are not going through life alone. We in no way wanted to suggest that we need donations or pity. We know there are much, much greater needs than things like replacement windows, and that having to spend a couple thousand dollars is not the end of the world. We do not want to downplay anything that is going on in anyone else’s lives, we just wanted to share what was going on in ours.

God is good – He has and will continue to provide for our needs. We are clinging to His timing, His promises, and His love throughout this entire process.

Y’all are blessing us. Daily. Thanks for loving us so well and being with us through this process!



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