In an unfortunate turn of events.. today we failed our fire inspection. For real. I hope you thought I was joking, because I was convinced my husband was pranking me when I first got his text. When I realized he wasn’t, my heart sank. And it’s been a rough afternoon. 

Long story short, our windows are too small. The windows in any room that a foster child will sleep in (we have two) have to be a very specific size. We have known this since the first day of training – but thought we had nothing to worry about. We measured the entire window and thought we were good – but the only part that needs to measured is the part that opens. It all makes sense to me and I’m 99% sure they probably told us this in class, so we are feeling pretty silly. We should have checked more specifically, but our rooms have brand new windows from when we bought the house and we honestly thought nothing of it. Boy were we wrong. They are too small. Of course they are. The fire marshal said if they opened an inch higher he would have passed us. That only made the tears flow more. I had a “shut my classroom door during lunch and cry” moment at work for the first time in a while. 

What does this mean? Well, we need to replace or extend the windows. Extending them would be a crazy amount of work and money. We are looking to replace them – and in my few hours of window research – I think we will be replacing them with casement windows. I think anyway.. I know nothing about windows or the lingo. Or if this is even possible. We have asked for some quotes and are waiting to hear back.

Unfortunately, this may set us back a bit. It all depends on price and how quickly these companies get back to us and if they can do the work sooner rather than later. It could be a couple thousand dollars (I’ve seen a large range online from $500-$3,000), and we just don’t know if we can do that right away. We’ve had some major expenses within the past six months (Dog surgery, car repairs, our trip to London) and we are trying to budget and plan enough that I can be a stay at home foster momma this summer. We may just replace one (we have to do three) now and take one placement (foster child) at a time, and then fix the other two later. We will see – it depends on a lot of things. 

I threw myself a pity party today. Mainly because I imagined snuggling babies as soon as this weekend. I’m no longer allowing myself to dwell on this as something negative – it’s just something that needs to get done. It’ll all happen in Gods timing! 

With that being said, if anyone knows of any companies that do window replacements – we would love a recommendation! 


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