Another part of the process is complete! And I am *pretty* sure we passed. Yesterday and today we had our interviews. These are done separately – and they lasted about two hours each. They were basically broken down like this: 

Tell me about your mother. (Strengths, weaknesses, things you liked about how she parented, things you would change, etc) 

Tell me about your father. (Repeat)

Tell me about your childhood. 

Tell me about yourself as a teen.

Tell me about yourself now. 

Tell me about your parents marriage. 

Tell me about your marriage. 

Tell me about your husband.  

Tell me about your sister. 

Tell me about your other sister. 

Each phase had anywhere from 10-15 questions – pretty repetitive for the people in my family. Got to show off my teacher skills and use lots of adjectives (is that considered a skill?). It was actually pretty fun to talk about my life. Toward the end, I said I felt like I was in a therapy session. I was connecting things from my life that I’ve never connected before. Sometimes it’s different when you think out loud – and its weird to say but I feel like I learned a little more about myself. 

With each topic, she kind of dug deeper about certain things. For me, we had to go deep into my history of anxiety. There was a long talk about how stressful the system can be and if I felt like I could handle that. It was good to talk about – because I feel like I’ve come such a long way – but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared of what might happen. In the past it didn’t take much for my anxiety to take over and control my life. These past two years have been incredibly freeing, but I know that the possibility of regression is there. We’ve prayed about it. We’ve talked about it. I think – with help from the Lord – that I’m ready to willingly enter something that will cause stress in my life. I refuse to let my fears dictate such a big part of my future. 

I am pretty happy with how the interview went. I think she understood everything I was trying to say – and I hope she appreciated my honesty. There were some tough questions toward the end: What makes you angry? (So many things..) How do people know you’re angry? (I lash out at the ones I love, shut down for the ones that don’t know me well enough) Are you judgmental? (Yes – but aren’t we all? I think the good thing is that I don’t stick to my first judgment and I give people a chance) What would you change about yourself? (My weak self esteem, my lack of organizational skills, how easily I let others affect me) 

Is being too honest a thing? Because reading what I typed above.. Not so sure how I did anymore. I know she might not have wanted to hear some of the things I said about myself – but I can’t hide anything. I’m a work in progress – like everyone. And if I got one point across to her.. I hope that she understood that I think flaws are okay. That we are imperfect people that are perfectly loved by Jesus. That we are stronger because we know our weaknesses. And that we desperately want to be better. 

Hubbys interview was today. In typical man fashion I got a text saying, “It was good.” I was able to get a little more detail while I was at work, but I’m eagerly waiting up for him to hear the rest tonight!

Some other highlights: 

  • Our home study worker thinks I look like Amy Schumer. Literally thought I was joking when I said no one has ever told me that before.
  • No lead paint test needed for our home! 
  • References (already been sent out) & safety inspection (I leave a voicemail daily) are our last two items 🙂 

Happy Tuesday! 


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