Update: Invited to Training!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated – and not because I haven’t wanted to. This waiting part of the foster parent process has been difficult, but we’ve learned so much already. We’ve taken the time to study and process the paperwork and information we’ve been given, to reach out to support groups and friends/family that have fostered, and continued to pray, pray, pray. I went to an informational meeting in early January, we turned in our paperwork soon after, and then we just waited. And waited. Don’t get me wrong – I know that 3-4 weeks is NOT a long time. People in other states wanting to foster wait much longer before anything happens. However, I am not a patient person. And I was struggling. I knew the training started February 27th, and yesterday I couldn’t shake the feeling that we would not be accepted. I spent the day telling myself that if we had to wait until April or May for the next training it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I can picture God laughing at me as I was having this internal battle trying to convince myself that His plans are far better than my own and that He knows what He’s doing with my life.

At work today, I tried not to think about it much. Teaching is good like that – I never have much time to worry about things outside of my job. I did have a conversation with a coworker during lunch about how I’ve started setting up our two rooms extra bedrooms for future foster children. We were talking about home projects and I said I was struggling to get anything finished because I didn’t feel like I had any idea when I will need them to be ready. Well – after the students left I got my answer. We got the email we’ve been waiting for! You know, the one that starts with:

Congratulations! Your preliminary information has been reviewed and accepted. We would like to invite you to join our Foster Parent Program.

..and then you scream and run into the classroom across from yours because you just need a hug and someone to celebrate with you.

It wasn’t until that moment that I realized how much fear I had. Yes, we feel called to this. Yes, we think we are ready. But what if we were wrong? What if we aren’t good enough? What if they reject us? God immediately silenced the doubts I’ve been having with that email. Yes – things could still change or go wrong. We still have to get through training, interviews, home inspections, etc. But we were accepted. Things are moving forward. It’s a good feeling.

So – what’s next? Well, like I said before, training starts February 27th! We have eight hour training days five Saturday’s in a row. Someone told us that home studies, inspections, and interviews typically happen as we go through training. Meaning that when we wrap up our last session on March 26, we should (hopefully) be able to apply for our license shortly after. They say that our first placement (aka our first baby!?!) sometimes happens before we even receive our official license in the mail.

Guys, God answers prayers. I have the timeline I asked for. I have dates in mind and goals to reach when it comes to getting rooms ready and starting to prepare for kids. Mike and I are about to be busy list-making, thrift store shopping, baby proofing, and dreaming of what life will be like when we welcome some little’s into our home! We can’t wait.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all of your support over the past month. Your prayers, kind words, and encouragement have meant the world to us. Please continue to pray for us through this journey. And PLEASE pray for the children that will be placed in our home – in potentially as little as three months! We know that God already knows them by name and that He is preparing our hearts for what’s ahead.






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