First of all, I need to start by thanking everyone. Mike and I were blown away with the amount of love and support we have received the past few days. Seriously – every comment, text, phone call, and message meant the world to us. I (being the anxious one) was nervous for people’s thoughts and reactions, and after all the feedback it is so clear to me why God did not want us to go through this process alone. My words cannot express the gratitude I have for all of you. My heart is full. 

I did not expect to post again so quickly, but I have been asked a lot of the same questions. So here we go: 

How are you feeling?

Inadequate, excited, nervous, unprepared, joyful. Ask me again tomorrow. I’ve have had so many people talk about how wonderful we are to do this – but that is not true. We are not wonderful. We are sinners that fail daily. There is nothing special about us that makes us able to do this. I’ll go ahead and speak for myself and say that I am a hot mess 90% (confession: I started this post last night and put 75%, after today I felt the need to edit it) of the time. But I think that’s okay. God uses imperfect people. 

We want this process to be about Him. We feel called to this – and that calling is from the God that redeemed us.

What will work look like? 

Well, we are lucky enough to live in a state where the foster care system pays most daycare costs. If anything is not covered, we would use our stipend to cover the rest. Mike and I will both continue to work full time. However, as many of you know, we work very different hours. We only plan to utilize a daycare or babysitter about six hours a week during the school year. Summer will look different – but we have not talked about it because only God knows if we will be certified by then 🙂 

How long until we are certified?

We honestly don’t know. The absolute earliest we could be certified is April. This would only happen if everything went perfectly: our paperwork was processed quickly, we were invited to join the next training group, no snow to cancel training days, our home was approved, interviews and references go through right away, etc. We are waiting for now. We have sent in our paperwork and it is (hopefully) being processed as I type this. When/if it is approved, we will be invited to join a training group. The next training begins at the end of February. After that, I believe it is April. Which is why we are unsure how long the process will take. We’ve talked to a lot of people and they have told us it can take anywhere from 3 months to a year. 

What age children do you want?

For now, we plan on accepting up to two children ages 0-5. Our original plan was one, but there is a huge need for foster parents to take sibling groups. We chose 0-5 to start but eventually want to be open to 0-10, and then older as we get older. I was surprised to hear that the biggest need as far as ages is 0-3, followed by 13 and up.

How will you give them up?

By praying, crying, and trusting.


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